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What Kind of Summer Job Are You Looking For?

Summer is right around the corner. Many college students are starting to pull together their summer plans, which may include getting a part-time job, seasonal work or an internship.

Summer Jobs

This is a great opportunity for college students to earn some extra money and add to their resume.

Where Are They?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 5 industries that attracted seasonal workers in the summer of 2009 between the ages of sixteen to twenty-four were:

  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Retail trade
  • Education and Health Services
  • Government
  • Professional and Business Services

However, the current state of the economy may affect college students who are looking to get the same jobs that they did last year. While the national unemployment rate is staying steady at 9.7%, some of these sectors are recovering slower:

  • Leisure and Hospitality – 12.5% unemployment rate
  • Retail trade – 10.1% unemployment rate
  • Professional and Business Services – 12.4% unemployment rate

Alternative Sectors

There are alternatives for college students who can’t find hospitality, retail or office jobs. In March 2010, job growth continued in the temporary help services and healthcare industry. The federal government is also continuously looking for educated college students to fulfill internships. For college students who are taking some classes during the summer, government positions are ideal because they can create flexible schedules.

A summer job can give a college student “hands-on” training for a future career. When evaluating your summer job or internship, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this job interest me?
  • What’s the hourly wage?
  • How many hours per week? Is there any flexibility?
  • What’s the level of responsibility?
  • Is this going to interfere with taking summer classes?
  • Could this help me learn valuable career skills?
  • Will this help me build contacts for my future career?
  • Could this summer job turn into a recurring, part-time/full-time job?


Make sure you understand your short-term and long-term goals. If you’re just looking some extra money, you’ll choose your job based on salary. However, make sure that there’s a long-term goal, such as valuable job experience or gaining business contacts.

Being short-sighted can hurt you if you graduate and don’t have any experience in your chosen field. Sometimes it’s worth taking a low-paying summer job or unpaid internship if it’s going to lead to bigger and better opportunities. Just make sure that your financial circumstance will allow you to take the job.

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  1. The Marketeer Says:

    Greeat article! Getting a job helps build experience, your resume, and puts money in your bank account.

    Cheers! The Marketeer
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  2. D R @ Motivating Minutes Says:

    I absolutely agree with the unpaid internship piece.


  3. Kid Internet Safety Says:

    All these job types are important for students to put some extra money into their pockets. Maybe your reader community can also consider, when taking a job, to look at aspects of providing ‘give back help’. Give back help, in my opinion, answers the questions “Are you doing something that helps society?” Take for example, providing much needed assistance for the people of Haiti or Japan. The jobs may not pay much or anything at all, but the rewards can be fantastic. The student, when they get back to school will have contributed to something very real & will have something interesting to share. Then there are companies like mine that helps parents keep their kids safe on the Internet. This is another example of give back help – helping our future, helping our kids be safe. Again the jobs in this area can be rewarding & also put a little (sometimes a lot) of money into the students pocket. Just food for thought.
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  7. Samantha Says:

    I know a friend who is looking for summer jobs but she did not succeed because she cannot find what she really likes…


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  9. Janey Says:

    No matter how you like at it a summer job is good for you one way or the other. You get some cash, some experience and a sense of what life is like with a crappy job!
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  10. Helga Says:

    Looking for summer jobs is never easy and we have to be patient with it…
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  11. Dave Says:

    It is not easy to find a job especially NOW, US is exporting jobs too despite what Obama said.
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  12. Sophie Says:

    It is important to have the best summer job for you…
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  13. Steven Says:

    Aside from the extra money, I agree that students should consider choosing a summer job that would provide them with the skills and knowledge they intend to use in their future goals. Summer jobs are also best in providing ideas on what employment would feel like. I agree that looking for summer jobs is not as easy compared before. It is great that you provided suggestions.
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  14. Xyra Says:

    Summer jobs are very important especially to students who want to earn money…
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  15. Janey Says:

    A summer job can be a great introduction to the real world and help students figure out what they want to do – or more importantly what not to do.
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  16. Ella C Says:

    Summer job is is good, but what I’ve noticed to be the most helpful in landing an immediate job is networking with people prior to you needing a job and then when the time comes you have already built a relationship with them and they are probably willing to give you a part-time or even full-time job if you need one.
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  21. Deric Says:

    When i look for a summer job, i usually list all the possible jobs that i can think of that relates to my interest the most. Then i trim it down to how beneficial the jobs will be in the future and if it will look good in my resume, then i further trim it down to the highest possible pays for the jobs. Then i’ll try to look for those positions starting from the top of the list.


  22. Carol Says:

    This is a nice article. Students really need this kind of article, as a guide and for reference.


  23. Dave Says:

    I involve in summer jobs every year and mostly look for Education and Health Services.


  24. Charice Mayhem Says:

    I think I’d go for education since I love teaching a lot. Good thing I was able to seek a teaching career during summer. What’s your favorite aspect there?

    Thanks for sharing the statistics! Very helpful and informative!



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  27. Radek Says:

    Most summer jobs are great student jobs, this includes those who arrive for work from other countries. Although, the economy may be sluggish overall, there are jobs available; especially in tourist towns.


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    When i’m actually looking for a summer job it needs to be a job where i can learn something, so i’m studying IT, so i want a job in the IT :)


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    What has really got me excited is the area of Hypnotherapy. My cousin runs a practice and I’m looking forward to spending a few months learning so much. And I’ll get a small payment too so even better. Plus, it’s a great grounding for my University work.


  39. Mark Says:

    Wow! Thank your for making this post. It was really for me because I’m planning to get a summer job. Making sure that a job is helpful for you in the future is very important before getting a job as a college student, I agree with all of the things you said above. Kudos!
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  41. Richard Says:

    Last year I didn’t have a plan for summer, so I’ve decided that I want to help other people and do some volunteer in Africa. How suprpised I was when I found out that you need to pay first to help these people.. Why? This is discouriging and making volunteering a high-born entertainment.


  42. Perfect Rita Says:

    Well unfortunately this is what it seems. You cannot help the other easily, you either have to pay to the government or just give up helping. I cannot get it. Why are they encouraging people to helping others?


  43. Stan Says:

    Summer Job is good but not for everybody!


  44. Martin Says:

    Summer Jobs? I don’t work in Summer!


  45. Mark Thomas Says:

    If you have the money to get by without income (like student loan refunds, well-off parents, etc.) and are considering the job just for experience, definitely consider an internship. More and more people are getting college degrees these days and simply having one doesn’t make you that competitive any more. You need to stand out with extracurricular involvement and experience outside of the classroom, and internships are a perfect way to do that. Even if they’re unpaid, having the experience will make you a lot more marketable as you enter the job market.


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