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Weekly Roundup – Hard @ Work!

I’m still hard at work doing my 12 hour days so getting posts up is quite fun :D

I have actually received help from a few people on guest posts, though, so I am very grateful!

I have also decided that I am going to start posting my link round ups on Wednesdays instead of Sundays. This will free up my weekend so that I can treat my Saturday and Sunday’s as actual days off. I will probably end up doing some batch writing… but I think in the end this will give me a net benefit in regards to time!


Other Articles

  • Suburban Dollar wrote a great article titled “What is your home worth?" He goes over a few different ways to value your real estate. It seems each method he used fell within a close range, so they all seem to be good resources!
  • Battling Confirmation Bias in Investing Decisions over at Green Panda Treehouse is a great article on the psyche of humans.There are a lot of interesting studies around confirmation bias but I have never really thought about it in regards to investing, so this is a great article!
  • Money Energy had two articles I wanted to share. One article was titled If You Want To Feel Rich, Count the Things You Have That Money Can’t Buy. This was a great article as it encompasses my whole standing that money is not everything. I hate when people treat money as a definitive guide to worth. Sure, if you want to be unhappy! Another article was an interview with the man, the myth, the legend: Neal Frankle of Wealth Pilgrim. Check it out as he has a really incredible story and is an incredibly intelligent and helpful man!
  • What Are You Willing To Consistently Pay More For? at Man Vs Debt goes over areas in our life that we are sometimes willing to pay more for even if it isn’t frugal. For me (and included in the article), I am willing to pay more for warmth and quality items. I feel this is especially true for traveling purposes.
  • Financial Methods had an article called Playing With CNN’S Financial Health Tool. This is a tool that ranks your financial life using a few metrics. He got a C+. How do you rank up?
  • 529 College Savings Plan Options For Illinois by Good Financial Cents goes over 529 options for Illinois residents. I have written a few guest posts for other sites on ways to graduate debt free, so this is a great topic!


Thanks for all of the carnival inclusions and great articles PF community!

If you have any others, post them in the comments!

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. MoneyEnergy Says:

    Thanks for sharing my articles! Looks like you were really busy with carnivals, too – congrats on getting into the Top 10 of New Personal Finance Blogs!

    MoneyEnergy’s last blog post..Everything Wants Your Attention, But Where You Direct It Is One Of The Few Things You Can Control


  2. Roger Says:

    Impressive work, my friend; it looks like you’ve been busy this week (and not just with the twelve hour days). Keep up the excellent articles!

    Roger’s last blog post..Leverage Basics


  3. MyLifeROI Says:


    No problem, they were BOTH great articles! And yeah, it was a busy week of catch up :). I was shocked to be included in the top 10, to be honest. But WAYYY honored.

    @ Roger

    Thank you, sir! I am back to my normal work schedule, I hope :)


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