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Carnival of Top PF Posts #9

I am honored to bring you the 9th edition of The Carnival of Top Personal Finance Posts. It is the brainchild of the creator of

If you haven’t heard of the carnival yet, I know what you are thinking: Why in the world do we need another carnival?!

Well, the average carnival has 40+ submissions. Who has the time to read through all of them?! With the Carnival of Top PF posts, I do all the leg work for you. I read through all of the submissions, choose the 6 that I think are the best, and then let you, the readers, vote on them. At the end, a “winner” is crowned. Everyone saves time sifting through a carnival of 40+ articles and these 6 GREAT articles get the attention they deserve.

So, without further adieu, here are the 6 finalists.   Vote for your favorite and pass this link on so that others can do the same!

Note: RSS and email subscribers may need to drop by the site to vote if the voting widget is not compatible with your particular email client or feed reader.

Why I picked these articles:

  1. The Best Way to Maximize Your Investment Return – FMF looks at how the amount saved per year, the return rate, and the time until retirement effect your ending account balance. In a perfect world, you would be able to control all three, but you can’t, so this is a great look into which variables matter the most!
  2. Powerful Advantages of Renting a Home Before Buying – Kevin goes over the advantages of renting a home before committing to purchasing one. A great analysis of the benefits, a few of which I had never thought of. This is a very timely article for me, too!
  3. Honeymoon Planning Tips – Ray goes over the ins and outs of planning for a honeymoon. He includes things like starting early, budgeting, choosing a destination, etc.
  4. Side Hustle, Self Employed, Entrepreneurship – MoneyNING goes over how he started blogging. Like myself, and I would venture to say the same thing for a lot of bloggers out there, he started doing it as a hobby. Do you have what it takes to turn a $1/day hobby into a successful side business?
  5. 5 Money Tips For Travelers – I love traveling, especially internationally. PT goes over things like using Skype to save on phone calls and making sure you know what kind of foreign transaction fees you are being hit with.
  6. Money Saving Advice From An Expert Money Saver – SVB links to a pretty good video about saving. She goes over each point and expands upon it a little. Some pretty neat concepts, like determining the amount of money you need to save to finance your spending in a particular category (ie books, clothes) for life.

Help us crown the victor!

Vote on the article you think is the best and let other people know about this carnival so they can vote, too!

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  1. PT Money Says:

    I’m honored to be included in the carnival today. Thanks!


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