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Welcome Frugal Dad Readers, Part Deux!

If you are from Frugal Dad and reading this post, that means you liked my guest post (Make Your Home Office Productive AND Comfortable) enough to stop by… which I appreciate very much! You may also remember me from my other guest post on Frugal Dad titled The Three Most Influential Lessons My Parents Taught Me.

I enjoyed writing each post and am glad that Jason has allowed me the opportunity to post both articles on his magnificent site!

I am psyched about you stopping by and think you will find a lot of useful information on my site! Whether my content is relevant to you or someone you know, I urge you to subscribe to my site’s feed or get email updates for a week or two and see if you like what you read.

If you do, pass it on to someone who could also find my posts informative! As an added bonus, I am currently giving away a $10 gift card to Global Giving to one lucky person who is subscribed to my site (either through RSS or email). This past weekend I sent out the instructions to everyone on how to enter the contest (you will find this in the feed, not on the site) and I will send instructions out again in a few days… so subscribe quick and win a chance to give to charity! I was inspired to give a “giving gift card” by a post my girlfriend wrote, which also happens to be the first post in the list below.


Let’s get you started on my site:

  • The Savings Account, The Spending Account & The Charity Account – One thing that my blog offers that not a lot of blogs do (not sure of any, at least!) is that both my girlfriend and I write posts. She has just started writing and the post linked is her debut. She goes over her childhood and how her parents instilled the need to save and donate before she was allowed to spend. This instilled in her a certain empathy that has carried into her adult life — and show she is much more open to donating money and volunteering time.
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist: Medicine Cabinet – This post was inspired by a series on emergency preparedness written by Peter at Bible Money Matters. I liked the series because it reminds us that we always need to be prepared. I am sure he wasn’t expecting that fire to come so close to his community. I wrote an article on one part of the home people often forget about: the Medicine Cabinet. Check and make sure you are ready for emergencies in this part of your house!
  • Roadside Emergency Kit: What to Include – This is another post that was inspired by Peter’s series. I go over a bunch of the items that are good to include in a roadside emergency kit. The items focus around food, water, warmth, light, and health. If you know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… this probably sounds familiar at this point!
  • 4 Ways to Go Green and Increase Profit as a Business Owner – I love this push towards “green” because it has multiple benefits. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also often times is a profitable venture for businesses. Everyone wins! However, this can’t be said for ALL green ventures. I go over four of the ways my company is going green and increasing profit.
  • How Much Did That Shower Cost? Use a Low-Flow Shower Head! – The above post shows how the green movement is beneficial towards companies. This post on low-flow shower heads (bonus points if you get one with a shut off valve!) shows how beneficial the green movement can be towards your household finances. I was originally inspired to write this post to show how wasteful my sister was as a teenager (she would take 2-3 showers per day). What I found, though, was the environmental and financial savings of a new shower head!
  • Glass Door : Know Your Worth – I like promoting this site because not many people seem to know about it. I don’t get anything for promoting it… just the satisfaction of knowing someone might get paid more because of it. Sign up and you can look up the salaries for a lot of different jobs at a lot of different companies.

Leave some love <3!

If you are stopping by, drop a few comments my way, either on this post or one of the posts you meander off to. I love getting feedback from readers! If you would rather email me, that is fine too! Head over to the contact page to do that :)

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