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How Much Did That Shower Cost? Use a Low-Flow Shower Head!

I come from a family of mostly women. I have three older sisters and two younger nieces that are close in age. My oldest sister and 2 nieces didn’t live with us, I just wanted to give you a little incite into the troubles I went through ;)! Needless to say my house was always full and always had a queue for the bathroom, especially since only one bathroom had a shower! Even with this sibling conflict over shower time, one of my sisters regularly took 2 showers a day and sometimes even took 3 showers. She was a germ freak and also played sports throughout middle and high school. I didn’t think anything of it, really. It just bugged me that she was always in there.

Now that I have gone through college and lived on my own I have a different outlook on utility bills. I guess you could say that I have walked a mile in my parents shoes since I have been paying my own bills for the past seven years. All I really have to say is that my parents were either saints or incredibly naive for letting their children do things like that!

So in an effort to see how wasteful my sister was I decided to calculate how much the average shower costs. By no means am I an extreme frugal-ist (I don’t make my own laundry detergent and don’t intend to!) but I still think cost transparency is necessary for decision-making. Maybe not for decision-making per se, just necessary for budgeting even!


The Cost of Showering

What assumptions will I be making? Well, based on federal regulations new shower heads are supposed to flow at less than 2.5 gallons per minute when the line feed pressure is at 80 pounds per square inch. However, a more typical line pressure is 50 psi so I will set the number to a lower 1.6 gpm rate.

When is this a dangerous assumption? When you have an older high-flow shower head that is unrestricted. A lot of people have these without realizing it. Most older homes still have these because the homeowners haven’t bothered converting. These unrestricted shower heads can flow over 4 gpm with 50 psi.  I will also calculate this number as a comparison point using 4 gpm even though 6 gpm could be feasible.

An average shower time of 12 minutes will be used because I find that reasonable, so adjust accordingly. Based on personal experience I think that the average shower depends on a lot of factors and in my household with all my sisters the time was probably closer to 15-18 minutes, but I will use 12 minutes so it does not look like I am trying to force a conclusion.

The cost per gallon was calculated based on my local rate and I tried to estimate all of the monthly fees that would be attributed to this usage. It is hard to do this because the fees are fixed costs and not usage based but I tried to do so fairly without exaggerating the per gallon price. When you look up your local rates they will probably be listed in dollars per thousand cubic feet so you will need to do some calculations to convert it to dollars per gallon. Moolanomy recently wrote a post on low-flow shower heads, though, and my cost is only different than his by $.001. I am using a rate of $.007/gallon.

I think these are fair assumptions but feel free to comment otherwise or run the numbers using different assumptions and post the results!


What does this chart tell us? The average person who showers once a day only costs about $4 per month with a restricted shower head and $10 per month with an unrestricted shower head. Not that much, really. When you go up to a family size of 5 (I used this number because that was the size of my family) the costs rise to $20 versus $50.

So, where do we go from here?

Unintended Findings, Get a Restricted Shower-head!

I intended to find that my sister was wasting a massive amount of money. However, my conclusion that one person showering only costs $4 or $10 over the course of a month didn’t really support that hypothesis. So what did I find instead? That it is a very wise decision to make sure your shower head is one of the “newer” restricted kind. If you are single you will save $6 per month or $72 per year. In a family of five you will save $30 per month, or $360 per year, if everyone showers once per day. In both cases, and any other cases you can come up with, the monthly savings would definitely cover the cost of a new shower head within the first month or two! The shower heads can be purchased for as little as $10-30!

Once family members start taking multiple showers per day the cost savings keep increasing. If you are an individual who showers twice a day, you will spend $8 per month with a restricted shower head and $20 per month with an unrestricted one. The cost savings equate to $144 per year if you convert to an unrestricted shower head. In a family of 5, if one of the family members showers twice a day and everyone else showers once a day the costs are $24 and $60 respectively. Now your family saves $432 per year… for changing a shower head. Calculate the return on that investment! ;)

Where to Get the Low-Flow Shower Head

SOME utility companies actually give low-flow shower heads out for free! Some give them away outright, some give them away for free after rebate or coupon if you buy one yourself, and some have no program at all. Contact your water company to find out if they have a program. Believe it or not water is becoming a resource so they want to conserve just as much as you should want to.

How easy is it to install? INSANELY easy. Take an adjustable wrench and unscrew the shower head. Notice the threads, are they on the outside or inside? If you are not mechanically inclined and have no idea just take the shower head to the store. Once you buy a new shower head and bring it home, look at the instructions that are included in the packaging. I say this just in case there is some preliminary setup involved. Once you are ready to re-assemble your shower put some soap on the threads for lubrication purposes. Use the adjustable wrench and tighten the new shower head back on. Voila, new and improved shower head!


Want to go one step further and save even more money?

Consider getting a low-flow shower head with a shut off valve. This lets you shut off the water at your discretion and instantly turn it back on. You could use the valve to save water while you are lathering soap on yourself and not really using the water, anyways. Once you are ready to rinse off you can turn the valve on and the water will start instantly. That could be an easy way to cut your bill by 10-20%… however long you spend with the water off. Oh, and it’s good for the environment, too.

Any one have experience?

Does anyone have experience going from an unrestricted shower head to a low-flow shower head? I have had a low-flow shower head for the past 4 years now that I looked at it so I have no idea what I would be paying in water without it.

I would be real interested to see how much this saves in practice!

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  1. SaveBuyLive Says:

    You haven’t mentioned quality of shower at all. Maybe technology has improved in recent years, but I’ve never had a shower with a low-flow shower head heat ever succeeded in helping me wake up in the morning like showers with regular shower heads do.


    MyLifeROI Reply:

    @ SaveBuyLive –
    The quality of the shower (for me) isn’t directly related to how hard the water is trying to penetrate my back :p

    In all seriousness, though, most shower heads have a few different settings where you can change the water flow to be more like that of a beam, or more of a sprinkle. After a week or so… you really do get used to it.

    If you put one on for a few weeks and REALLY hated it, you could always go back. I think most people would just get used to it, though.

    I just don’t like to think that my body getting “clean” is worth 4 gpm… water is a valuable resource that I don’t want to take for granted! :)

    Thanks for the comment. Great point, and I think it was worth mentioning!


  2. Funny about Money Says:

    Okay, now this is one whose benefits I’ve never been able to figure out. If a low-flow showerhead saves you, say, 20%, but it takes five times as long to get the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, how is that saving ANY water? Isn’t it in fact causing you to use MORE water?

    This was something that always used to puzzle me about the early, infuriating low-flow toilets. They were said to save 1/3 on the use of water over toilets that worked. But you had to flush three times to get the stuff down! More than that when the darn toilet clogged, which was two or three times a week! It cost me over $300 to buy a toilet that worked, and then I had to pay a plumber to come install the thing.

    Sorry to be a troglodyte and a Luddite, but any day I’d rather spend less time under a shower that works than spend five times as long under a tiny little trickle of water trying to get my hair and body clean. For me, the result of mandated low-flow showerheads is I fill the bathtub to bathe. That uses even more water. Talk about your law of unintended consequences! ;-)

    Funny about Money’s last blog post..Ridiculous day, so far…


  3. Kelly Says:

    We replaced our 40 year old shower heads (ew) when we moved in, but the bigger savings for us will come when we replace our 3 6 gallon toilets. (you read that right!) It’s high on my list, but since we’re DIYers it’s not top on the hubby’s list! That will save us a ton I’m sure with 6 people in the house.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Increasing Energy Prices? Peco offers a solution.


    MyLifeROI Reply:

    THREE 6gpf toilets?! Wow. You guys are just flushing money down the drain… quite literally ;)

    When you replaced the shower heads, did you notice a drop in shower quality? Did you notice a savings at all?


  4. Jackie Says:

    Hey I just gave you a blog award! Check it out on my page here

    Jackie’s last blog post..Giveaways this week!


  5. Anna Says:

    We replaced our showerheads with lowflow and they were actually better!! We had OLD showerheads that we’re clogged and new showerheads have soo many options including a rain showerhead.
    You didn’t even touch on the amount of gas you’ll save from not heating all that extra water. People don’t realize that “going green” is not good for the enviroment but also for your wallet.


    MyLifeROI Reply:


    Hah, that is awesome. People normally have to get used to going from “torrential down pout” shower heads to “lightly raining” shower heads, so your transition was probably a lot easier!

    And I didn’t even think about the amount of gas. GREAT point! A lot of hot water heaters are incredibly inefficient, too. Perhaps I will make this a follow up post!

    I had another post recently 4 Ways to Go Green & Increase Profit as a Business Owner in which I pretty much say the same thing as you have. Going “green” is not only eco-friendly but it has the real potential to save you a lot of money!

    Thanks for the comment.



  6. Andy Says:

    Your forgetting that the water in a shower is typically hot. I bet the energy saving will reduce your gas or electric bill considerably more than the water itself.


    MyLifeROI Reply:


    Yep, Anna made that same GREAT point.

    I didn’t consider the gas savings, but when you add that to the water savings… it doesn’t make sense (in my mind) to monitor your water consumption in the shower!


  7. Andy Says:

    Great Post!


  8. andy Says:

    This is the best one ive tried so far


  9. Julio Luis Says:

    I have looked at eco-friendly alternatives, so far I have installed solar panels on my home but while looking for a electric car I find the cost doesnt justify it for me. While I am passionate about making green choices whenever possible it is up to people like you and I to spread awareness and let the companies know there is a demand. Your website looks popular and I think you can help influence society with your insight and eco tips. by the way I found your site by searching How Much Did That Shower Cost? Use a Low-Flow Shower Head! | My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life and you were the first result. So I think your website is a good platform to discuss ideas that are thought provoking and influence your readers to go green. – Good luck with your site, you deserve it – Bill


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